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About Mitchell-Y Australia

by Ankur Malhotra 15 Mar 2023

Mitchell-Y Australia was founded in Sydney, Australia by its chief designer Mitchell Yazdani. Mitchell was born in Isfahan, the arts and crafts capital of Persia, now known as modern day Iran. This city has been the inspiration for many fashion creations and art pieces from well-known international designers , such as Christian Dior, who made special trips to Isfahan for textile design ideas from the city, and this is where Dior ultimately created his Oud Isfahan fragrance.

Not only was Mitchell born in a city famous for its rich art, architecture and history, he was also born into an artistic family, with his father being a successful women’s apparel and wedding attire designer.

Mitchell is famously a multi-talented figure. He graduated as a visual artist, specialising in Graphic Art and marketing, but this was followed by career creating still and moving images, in the form of photography and cinematography and he became a member of Australian Cinematographers Society.

In 2011, Mitchell stopped his cinematography career because of some unfortunate personal and family reasons. This was when he stopped all his creative activities for a few of years until he met someone who gave him his motivation and energy to start his first Australian UGG boot designs. As this was a transformation from a dark, depressing period of his life, to a new, happier and creative era, Mitchell named his first two designs “Transmed” and “Transneak”, to remind him of how his life transformed from a dark period to one filled with positivity.

From Sketch to Production

(Images below are from Transneak sneakers, a transformer type shoes, changing from a plain sneaker to a bright and shiny sneaker)
Mitchell-Y Australia UGG
As a child, Mitchell had a deep passion for music, arts and design, which only grew deeper during his adolescence, and he expressed his love for the arts by playing guitar and teaching visual arts at a private academy. To pursue his passions as an adult, Mitchell started studying visual arts, graduating in 1991. During his college years, 1988 to 1991, Mitchell worked as a freelance designer and publishers for Xerxes Design and in 1990 he became an assistant designer for a leading sportswear company in Sydney, and six months later became the house designer of the company and, which was followed by him starting his own film productions company, Icon Film Productions, resulting in him winning NSW and Australia’s best videographer’s awards by ABIA in 2007 and 2008.

His experience in this period built the foundation for him to establish his own fashion range focusing on Australian contemporary clothing, winter-wear and UGG boots. In 2005, Mitchell introduced a variety of new silhouettes, including the Transformers range UGG footwear. Mitchell was instrumental in commercializing Australian UGG fashion on a worldwide basis and in regaining for Australian UGG industry the ground that had temporarily been lost to American firms.

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