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Sheepskin, Suede, and UGG Boots Cleaning

by Mitchell Yazdani 15 Mar 2023

Can you wash UGG Boots and How to wash UGG boots

Most sheepskin products can be washed using a speciality sheepskin detergent, or dry cleaned. The current and irrevocable trend in commercial cleaning is to eliminate the solvent cleaning process whenever possible. This is due to more stringent VOC emission control worldwide. If a number of sheepskin items can be laundered safely, this will help in reaching the emissions goal and provide an economic method for the operator to fulfil their customer’s needs. Most sheepskin products can be washed either by hand or in a domestic washing machine which provides considerable saving from expensive dry cleaning.

Besides the economic and environmental advantages of washing, the items being washed will be sanitised if the sheepskin shampoo has antibacterial and disinfecting properties. Detergents containing enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, alkali or bleach can cause irreversible damage to the leather. Most wool-wash contains water softening properties, mostly phosphates, which removes the metals from the water. Phosphates will therefore remove the tanning chemicals from the leather of the sheepskin resulting in permanent damage to the sheepskin.

The other causes of damage to sheepskin products are heat which causes shrinking, other than The Australian Medical Sheepskin tanned to AS4480.1 1998 and stamped Hi-Temp, and incorrect detergent which causes hardening of the leather

The estimated cost of dry cleaning a lambskin or medical rug is $25.00 whereas the cost of washing in Woolskin would be 83 cents.

Drying: best results are achieved by drying in a domestic clothes dryer on LOW or WARM setting or drying out of direct sunlight. Drying in a WARM dryer results in the leather maintaining its softness through the gentle ‘milling’ much the same as in the tannery. When air drying, it is necessary to ‘flex’ the sheepskin to soften the leather.

Frequency: Medical sheepskins should be washed a minimum of weekly using a detergent with antibacterial and disinfecting properties to prevent cross-infection.

Baby lambskins should be washed regularly, much the same as other bedding to maintain a clean fresh environment for the child.

Car seat covers of good quality and manufacture should be washed a minimum of annually to maintain the benefit of the wool pile in maintaining the comfort and life of the sheepskin.

Sheepskin clothing should be washed regularly, as with other garments, and the suede facing protected with a water & oil repellent spray which will aid future cleaning.

UGG boots: Some UGG Boots come with a water repellent treatment which is applied in the tannery, however, this is not permanent and reapplication will be required after normal wear or after cleaning.


UGG boots are manufactured by attaching genuine sheepskin uppers to synthetic soles and good quality Australian UGG boots may be hand or machine-washed using a sheepskin detergent in much the same way as knitted wool garments.

When new, and after washing, UGG boots should be protected using UGG Boot Protector to provide water & oil protection and to aid cleaning.

Sheepskin should not we washed using a wool-wash as this usually contains water softening chemicals that remove the tanning chemicals resulting in damage to the leather of sheepskin after repeated washing.

UGG Boot Cleaner & Shampoo is formulated using tanning technology and does not contain chemicals harmful to double face sheepskin used in the manufacture of UGG boots. UGG Boot Cleaner & Shampoo maintains the comfort and therapeutic advantages of sheepskin footwear & clothing and contains a conditioning agent to lubricate the leather and enhance the performance of the wool fibre.

Antibacterial – Ugg Boot Cleaner & Shampoo contains an antibacterial, which protects against bacterial growth, eliminating cross-infection, and prevents odours, and protects against mould & mildew.

Tea Tree Oil—Ugg Boot Cleaner & Shampoo contains natural melaleuca & lemon myrtle oils which leave the fleece smelling fresh.

Using the unique chamber bottle to measure the dose.

To fill the measuring chamber, unscrew the cap on the chamber only and squeeze the bottle, forcing the contents up the tube into the measuring chamber to the required level.


Always wash all sheepskin, wool and washable products in cold or warm water – never hot water.


Top Load – Measure 20ml (½ fl oz) Sheepskin Shampoo for a small load and 40ml (1 fl oz) for large load into the washing machine.

Front Load – use half the quantity. Use small load settings for small articles or full load settings for larger loads. Select for a cold or warm wash. Use gentle or wool wash settings and double rinse.


Measure 20ml (½ fl oz) for each 10lt (2 gals) of cold or lukewarm water into a single washtub. For larger items, the best results will be achieved using a bathtub. Place sheepskin articles in the solution and work it through the lambskin for approximately 5 minutes. Do not stretch the skin. Squeeze by hand until clean. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until water is clear.


If hand washing, squeeze excess water – do not wring dry. Tumble dry in a warm – not hot – dryer or allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.


Apply UGG Boot Protector to provide water & oil protection and to aid future cleaning.

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